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Travel Booster is a comprehensive travel software, offering a simple, on-demand and easy to use package to streamline your business. With an integrated online travel reservation system and a web-based mid- back office administration system, the product is user-friendly and supports in-house content as well as a wealth of 3rd party content interfaces. The system is intuitive and supports every activity of the travel business, including operations and financial aspects.

Below you will find real examples and screenshots that demonstrate some of our features and capabilities.

Travel Booster Reservation System

For incoming, outgoing and domestic tour operators, travel booster tour operator software handles individual and group bookings, as well as internal and external (3rd party) content.

Multiple Points of Sale

  • B2B – Allows Travel Agents access to your website for purposes of sales, information access, travel documentation, and more.
  • B2C – Allows consumers direct access to your website for purposes of sales, information access, travel documentation, and more.
  • B2E – Allows reservations/call center employees online access to the Travel Booster reservations system for all bookings operations.
  • White Labels - for both agent and customer sites (B2B2B and B2B2C).
  • 3rd Party –enables a 3rd party business to interface and distribute your products through simple xml integration.  3rd party can automatically and seamlessly transfer and display your products on their websites.

Multiple Content Sources

Travel Booster offers a wealth of content possibilities:

  • In-house Contracts and Allocations module - Upload contracts and mange inventories.
  • Online Suppliers - Interface to numerous wholesalers and tour operators CRS and Online systems for various services and worldwide content.
  • Travel Booster Network – Travel Booster users can interact, either as a buyer or as a seller:
    For the buyer: In addition to a multitude of content sources, such as your In-house contracts, GDS, CRS, and various online suppliers, you gain seamless interface to any Travel Booster user for additional content.
    For the seller: In addition to your B2B, B2C and White labeled Websites; Travel Booster users can seamlessly interface and distribute your products over their Websites.
  • GDS - Interface to all GDSs for air content. 
  • B2S - Business to Supplier channel allows you to provide suppliers with online access for contractual updates (details, rates, allocations, etc.), and for reservation updates.

Multiple Services

  • Single Components –  Hotels, Flights, Packages, Tours, Car Rentals, Transfers, Attractions, Restaurants and others. 
  • Dynamic Packages Module - Groups a minimum of two services (e.g. flight and hotel, car and flight), and applies business rules to yield a single selling component. A significant time saver for the maintenance of system packages, it enables cross-selling and up-selling of a variety of services. 

Main Display Features

  • CMS- View all products details (Pictures, Description, Facilities, Remarks, CNX Policy, etc.) through our integrated Content Management System.  
  • Sorting & Filtering - Sort results according to Price, Name, Recommended or Availability. Apply your business preferences and promote or filter out products & suppliers from the range of available content sources, including in-house contracts and\or external links to online suppliers.
  • Price Breakdown – View nightly breakdown, pre-and post stay prices, as well as special offers, such as a super saver of stay 4 nights and pay for 3.
  • Maps: on maps that are retrieved through Google Maps, view city map, showing various options including hotels.
  • Hot deals - prominently display and easily update special offers as they become available.
  • Multiple Language & Currency - according to user preference.

Travel Booster Administration System

Handles all facets of the travel business including:

  • Products
  • Business Rules
  • Operation
  • Finance
  • Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Setup
  • More...


  • Contract and Allocation - Manage your products and price lists.
    Use the sophisticated contracts module to upload contracts and mange inventories. Contracts contain pricing, general details, static content, supersavers (e.g. Pay 6 stay 7 nights), free of charge and optimization. Rates may be input per person or per unit (room, car, etc), per day or per Item – all these in any currency (no limit!).  Hotel allocations are flexible per room type and include options for free sale, sell and report, automatic release mechanism, with up to three different release dates.
  • Group cost calculation sheet - Ideal for tour planning, automatically calculate group expenses, individual expenses and frees. Includes fixed costs, variable expenses, mark-up options, rounding factor, child rates and supplements; supports all currencies with adjustments according to size of party/group. 
  • Self Operation Products – Manage products operated by your company such as tours and flights. Tour operators, or charter flight companies can use this module to define, price, and operate these products.
  • The tour module features different types of self-operated tours - simple one-day tours, complex overnight escorted tours with or without modular segments, based on different hotel categories, bus occupancy or hotel allocations.
  • In the flight module you can manage your own charter flight inventories, monitor your profit and loss on a single flight, in real-time.

Business Rules

  • Markup Definitions: sales channel, product and dates - automatically applied to your net buying rates and displayed as your selling rates in the reservation system. 
  • Commission Definitions: at any level, for example per agent, group of agent, all agents, per service type, product etc. 
  • Cancellation Fee Policy: automatically applied to cancelled bookings; fees are calculated based on the number of days from the date of cancellation to the departure date and are levied in either an amount or a percentage.


Control and manage reservations and release of allocations to suppliers. You may either control this process manually or apply an automated routine.

  • Report reservations to supplier: A centralized queue that automatically registers all reservations for reporting to suppliers on either an individual or consolidated basis.
  • Update reservation from supplier: Part of the reservation audit trail - update the final booking status received from the supplier.
  • Release allocations: Dispatch all allocation bookings in accordance with terms and conditions defined by your suppliers.

Financial module

  • Currency exchange rates: Lists all the currencies you use, displays rates for both selling and purchasing services.
  • Supplier and agent/customer reconciliation (accounts payable & account receivable): a complete record of accounting documentation, ability to reconcile the accounts, adjust amounts, and create payments and receipts.
  • Cashier: manage all cash and cheque payment receipts received by you that are pending bank deposit. 
  • General ledger interface: Seamlessly export accounting transactions from the Travel Booster to your accounting software. 

Reports & BI

Comprehensive management & operational reports as well as statistics and graphs.

Reports - produce various types of reports such as Turnover, Operation, Agents and Financial.

Business Intelligence – Make better business decisions with comprehensive knowledge of the factors affecting your business, such as sale matrices, commissions, markups and internal operations.  

            • Allows for top-down summarized reports to identify strengths and weaknesses in their organization.
            • Data that is derived from a large and diverse customer basis, updated daily. 
            • Allows each customer to add custom-made BI reports, to answer specific business needs.
            • The BI module includes reports, such as: Periodical analysis, Periodical comparison, Trends by periods/ services/ branches, Top 10 suppliers/ agents/ destinations, Suppliers currency distribution, Hotel nights and rooms Breakdown of profitability components, Sales Vs. target for branches/ clerks/ suppliers/ agents, Custom built reports for agents based on invoice data and many more.


  • Document issuance - receipts, invoices, confirmations, itineraries, vouchers, passenger and rooming lists and more.
  • Dispatch all documentation via fax or email.


Define system behavior including:

  • Services - which services to display or hide according to the nature of their business.
  • Branches – Define multi-branch and multi-company activity.
  • Define user authorization to work on the system and their respective access permits (for employees, customers, suppliers). Unlimited profiles may be loaded.
  • Suppliers - contact information, services provided, payment terms and Internet access codes. Unlimited profiles may be loaded.
  • Travel agents - contact information, attributes, credit limit, terms of payment and Agents’ access codes to the Reservation System. Unlimited profiles may be loaded.
  • Bank account details and currencies.

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