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Corporate and Leisure

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Travel file management


Enjoy complex booking management capabilities:

  • Manage multiple transactions of different types and from various channels in one travel file (Super PNR).
  • Combine business and leisure bookings into one travel file.
  • Control queues, quotes (quotations) and restrictions on one module.
  • View booking profitability and have a full audit trail.
  • Group booking management and cost control - Ideal for tour planning, automatically calculate group expenses, individual expenses and frees. Includes fixed costs, variable expenses, markup options, rounding factor, child rates and supplements; supports all currencies with adjustments according to size of party/group.

Customer management

  • Corporate profiles - manage corporate client details, profiles, credit limits, travel limits, travel patterns, preferences and access permissions. Maintain access and synchronize corporate information with personal files of individual travelers. Reflect your customers’ commercial terms and restrictions in their booking process.
  • Customer Value Management (CVM) module - know your customers’ real value, identify and manage your most valuable customers and serve them accordingly
  • Lead management – Manage your lead, from A to Z, within the system, including automatic (web-to-lead) and manual lead generation, follow up and ranking tools.
  • Corporate transaction analysis – analyze your business model and profitability with respect to each corporate client.

Marketing tools

Drive revenues by promoting the right products with the right messaging to the right customer.

  • EDM – utilize Travel Booster electronic direct marketing (EDM) module to communicate with your customers, offering them content that is relevant for their profile, travel patterns and preferences.
  • Gift vouchers, promotional codes - sell gift cards or issue promotional coupons that can be redeemed during the check-out process. Utilize business affiliations (i.e. corporate customers) to promote certain products to specific target audiences and closed user groups.


Business rules

  • Leading-edge tools to setup and update business rules such as transaction fee policy, multi-tier markup and reduction options.
  • Transaction fees: can be automatically applied to actions relating to the booking process (, including actions that are done on third party sites i.e. GDS. Transaction fees can be defined at any level, per customer type (a particular one, a group of corporate clients, or leisure travelers), per service type, per action type, etc. In the travel file, the transaction fee will be levied, separated from the actual transaction.
  • Markup, as opposed to transaction fees, would not be presented in a separate line. The markups are automatically applied to the net buying and selling rates and are displayed accordingly. Markups can be defined per service type, service provider, date, destination, class, category and more.
  • Reduction definitions can be defined at any level, per corporate client, group of corporate clients, per service type, service provider, etc. these discount options can then be used for various promotional options such as flash sales to promote specific products and services.
  • Targets can be defined for staff and agents, and followed upon.
  • Cancellation fee policies may also be defined and automatically applied to cancelled bookings; fees are calculated based on the number of days from the date of cancellation to the departure date and are levied in either an amount or a percentage.
  • Map and manage your network of third-party suppliers and multiple content sources.
  • Define the criteria / preferences for choosing which price to display in case of multiple offers for the same product.
  • Merchandising – prioritize your suppliers and products and their order on the query results view.
  • Multi website control and management – a wide set of definitions and settings that support the efficient management of multiple sites. The module provides multi-level hierarchy architecture.

Incentives module

Control and manipulate the POS views to promote certain products and incentivize specific suppliers. An all-inclusive holistic module for the promotion of non-GDS products and services, the motivation of agents, and the reconciliation of incentives. While promoting preferred products throughout the sales process, the system provides a full visibility of performances to the agents, to further boost the sales process.

Financial control

  • Control your finances - automatically or manually issue invoices and vouchers, reconcile suppliers, corporate customers/business house accounts, update rates of exchange and export accounting transactions to your accounting software.
  • BSP matching – automates and simplifies the reconciliation process. The BSP mechanism automatically matches BSP files with tickets and refunds in the system, and issues payments. Through this process, the ticket numbers, and amounts are being verified. Travel Booster’s request for refund that fully matches the BSP data, is automatically approved and matched. It is possible to define threshold amounts to force match when there is a pricing discrepancy.
  • Supplier and corporate customer reconciliation (accounts payable & account receivable): a complete record of accounting documentation, ability to reconcile the accounts, adjust amounts, and create payments and receipts against invoices, statements ,exchange vouchers and more.
  • Currency exchange rates - lists all the currencies being used, displays rates for both selling and purchasing services.
  • Hotel bill back
  • Cashier - manage all cash and cheque payment receipts received by you that are pending bank deposit.
    General ledger interface: seamlessly export accounting transactions from Travel Booster to your accounting software. 

Reports and Business intelligence (BI)

  • Make better business decisions with comprehensive knowledge of the factors affecting your business, such as sale matrices, commissions, markups and internal operations. Utilize unique tools to allow smart analysis of these factors and flexible data export.
  • Define the templates for and generate your own reports to slice and dice the operation by branch, region, line of business, activity and more.
  • Define periodical as well as ad-hoc personalized reports for analyzing turnover, profitability, sales metrics and internal operations, ensuring policy compliance and negotiating more affordable supplier contracts, forecast performance based on periodical analyses, periodical comparisons, market trends and more.
  • Consult your customers on how to reduce their costs – by utilizing  our cutting edge BI reporting module to review client travel patterns and suggesting ways of improving direct contract terms as well as reducing and better controlling the spend on individual trips.
  • Pre-defined reports include for example: 

      - Detailed information on all invoices issued to a certain corporate client, all the transactions that were 
         created in the system for corporate clients - travel file number, service type, passenger name, etc.

      - Flight segment per customer 

      - City pairs by GDS – investigates the number of segments and the amount of passengers by GDS and by the
         pairs of city for each flight (or any leg-based service)

      -  Sales Vs Target 

      -  Profit reports - analyzes the profitability of branches, agent, supplier, service type, corporate client and
         destination. The profitability is based on markups, commissions and service fees.

      -  Periodical comparison

  • The module includes intuitive dashboards and supports reports’ hand off in various formats (including Excel, XML, CSV and more).

Open system, maximum flexibility

Open architecture guarantees a wealth of bidirectional integrations with third party systems, synchronized web-services and smooth and quick deployment of new interfaces as required. The system is extremely flexible and can be adjusted to any custom-tailored solutions with multiple interfaces at complex organizations. This goal-driven interface concept provides two levels of integrations:

Web-services for third parties:

  • Web-to-lead (or web-to-booking) / GDS integration – provide customer profile information to any GDS while automatically registering GDS booking in Travel Booster.
  • GDS credit limit control – through this web service, the user (TMC consultant) can view the ad-hoc credit limit while making the booking on the GDS. 

Interfaces to complementary third-party systems:

  • Payment gateways – flexible payment modes for travel agents. 
  • General ledger – exports accounting transactions from Travel Booster and into your general ledger of choice.
  • PNR synchronization - Through web-services, Travel Booster is notified about changes that have taken place in the PNR (on the GDS) and as a result, a related travel file can be created and updated. Those updates include events such as PNR creation, adding flights / passengers, updating itinerary, schedule changes, pricing, ticketing, reissuing, refunds, cancelations and voids. The updates be done automatically or manually, depends on the GDS in use. 

Edith Padan

"In my opinion, this is a crucial tool for any manager.  Well done on the initiative and the solution."
Edith Padan, CEO Ofakim Travel & Tours